Back-to-Back DC Transmission Project (Guangzhou Section);
Project Ramps Up to Ensure On Time & On Schedule Operations

from:China Southern Power Griddate:2022-02-23

Back-to-Back DC Transmission Project (Guangzhou Section);<br>Project Ramps Up to Ensure On Time & On Schedule Operations-1

Before the commissioning of the system for the back-to-back DC Transmission Project (Guangzhou Section) in the Greater Bay Area, operational and construction staff conduct a final check in the valve hall
Guangzhou - With approximately 13 months of construction and more than one month of “debugging” still remaining, the back-to-back DC Transmission Project (Guangzhou Section) within the Great Bay Area officially enters the commissioning phase, laying a firm foundation for the start operations on March 30.
The project is scheduled to find its final completion by the end of May 2022 and is expected to send no less than 188.3 billion kWh of electricity from the west to the east of China during Year 2022.
Within the 3rd Floor of the Central Control Building are tens of meters of high valve towers which can be seen through the specially designed observation windows. The East Valve Hall, where the towers are located, has completed the live line working tests.
The project began its initial construction phase on December 30, 2020 and currently, about 92% has been completed.
By utilizing new technologies such as flexible interconnection and heterosynchronous controls, project engineers have solved many complex issues of short-circuit current and high-frequency resonance, providing support for the safe and stable operation of the power grid … which is a significant accomplishment to develop power grids at home and abroad.
Zhu Bo, manager of the project, confirmed that after the project was in full operation, it would further optimize the grid structure of the entire Guangdong Power Grid, including the use of “firewalls” among the originally connected power grids within the Greater Bay Area.
Mr. Zhu explained that, “in other words, when a problem occurs in a small area, the power grid can quickly isolate this area to avoid a large area blackout. This initiative can help reduce the power grid risk to prepare for the subsequent large-scale consumption of new energy, and achieve carbon dioxide peaking and carbon neutrality.”
Senior managers of the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation will next be planning to strengthen COVID-19 pandemic prevention and safety management capabilities by ramping-up the construction and commissioning of the project and make simultaneous improvements to the physical quality of the project to ensure that it is placed into operation on schedule and with the highest standards of quality.

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