Li Qingkui and Cao Zhi’an Attend Key Conference;2016 China Southern Power Grid International Technology Forum

from:China Southern Power Griddate:2016-12-12

Li Qingkui and Cao Zhi’an Attend Key Conference;2016 China Southern Power Grid International Technology Forum-1

Guangzhou - “Smart Energy Leads the Way” was the theme of the China Southern Power Grid International Technology Forum held in early December.

In attendance at this important global forum was China Southern Power Grid Chairman Li Qingkui, CSG President Cao Zhi’an and CSG Vice President Wang Liangyou.

The forum offered seven sub-forums on varied topics, including:

        Power system and automation

        High voltage technology

        Power transmission and transformation

        Power supply technology, and

        IT and robot technology

International experts, academics and industry representatives from across China and globally were in attendance to offer keynote speeches on cutting-edge technologies of the modern power grid, including:

        Grid planning

        Energy storage research and application

        Superconductivity, and

        Innovation and changes in the era of “Internet +”

Currently, the world's major countries are ramping up the implementation of talent and innovation strategy as a new round of science and technology revolution is rising. Both the production mode and people’s lifestyle are expected to experience fundamental changes.

Energy and the power industry are the focus of a new round of technological revolution and industrial development. The cycles of basic research, technological innovation and industrialization are expected to be significantly shortened, which likewise is expected to bring about new changes to energy use, power production, power consumption, and power company’s operation and management.

According to China's 13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Power Industry, the country's power supply will enter a new stage of “consistent sufficiency, making intelligent power system”.

During his prepared remarks at the forum, Mr. Li said that the “theme of the forum revealed CSG’ expectation to work with all sectors of the society to push forward an energy technology ‘revolution’, promote the establishment of a safer, cleaner, more environmentally-friendly, energy efficient, intelligent and open energy system, so as to contribute to the transformation and upgrading of China’s power industry”.

He further added that “state-owned enterprises play a significant role in promoting the national economic development, thus they must consciously shoulder the responsibility of leading the national scientific and technological innovation”.

Mr. Li said that, “as a key state-owned enterprise that has a bearing on national energy security, national economic lifeline and people's livelihood, CSG is responsible for and obliged to make independent innovations, and is able to set an example in terms of independent innovation. The corporation is confident about and determined to build a safe, reliable, green and efficient smart grid and make contributions to the construction of a well-off society”.

"I’d like to click on the thumbs-up button for CSG", said Zheng Baosen, President of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering of the two-day conference held in Guangzhou.

CSG began to hold such annual high-level technical forums in 2004, creating a vibrant atmosphere for sharing information on technological innovation as the forum also played playing an exemplary role for power industry and state-owned enterprises.

The China Southern Power Grid International Technology Forum has been held for 13 consecutive sessions, each year centered on a different theme. But all the themes focused on the safe, secure and economic operation and efficiency improvement of CSG's power grid.

Cutting-edge technologies within power industry were also highlighted as the forum continued to play an important role in promoting exchanges of advanced technologies throughout the industry, including displays on the application of scientific and technological innovations. In addition, the China Southern Power Grid International Technology Forum has gradually become a technological “feast” for displaying and showcasing the trends of the most advanced development in domestic and international power industry.

During the forum, the Second Inspirational Science and Technology Award on Power Grid in Guangdong was officially presented. Eight people were honored, including Han Yingduo, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, who earned the Outstanding Achievement Award.

Scientific and Technological Progress Award, Technology Improvement Contribution Award, Patent Award, Employee Innovation Award and other honors were also presented to CSG representatives.




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