CSG’s First Low-Voltage Innovation Lab Set-up by Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau and PolyU

from:China Southern Power Griddate:2020-10-29

Shenzhen - A low-voltage Innovation laboratory - co-built by the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau and PolyU - has been placed into working operation, marking China Southern Power Grid’s first platform aiming at ensuring electrical safety for the low-voltage districts and users and China’s first laboratory that integrates both the grid system and architecture electric system.

This new laboratory is expected to help improve technologies on low-voltage power distribution of the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau and CSG, thus setting a firm foundation for the application of scientific benefits and the independent development of intelligent power distribution devices.

Li Zhe, Project CEO of Futian Power Supply Bureau, Shenzhen said, “the research direction of this lab meets the real needs challenges of our electrical supplies and the lab itself is a milestone and breakthrough in the field of low-voltage power safety”.

The new low-voltage laboratory was also highly praised by experts from China Aviation Planning and Design Institute (Group) Co., Ltd. and leaders of Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality.

As the constructing company of the laboratory, engineers from the Futian Power Supply Bureau of Shenzhen took upon themselves their mission calls from their senior managers to transform the power distribution training room into an integrated and simulated low-voltage distribution room according to the classic residential buildings.

With the vibrant scientific research abilities of PolyU and the big data experiences of engineers from the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau in low-voltage operation and maintenance, scientists from this laboratory will be devotes to providing solutions on lowering the dangers from electrical fires and electric shocks.

In their daily work, these dedicated scientists and researchers will give significant attention to the grounding system, a vital part in electrical safety as well as the equipotential bonding system, and low-voltage distribution system that will be built in the laboratory … as well as designing systems to simulate normal operations and different kinds of faults of grounding system in classic residential buildings.

Concurrently, based on the computer simulation system and the simulating experiment platform built on a 1: 1 ratio, the laboratory engineers have constructed experiment platforms that can simulate multi scenarios such as electric shock, electrical fire and transient state of low-voltage distribution system to observe the process of getting fire in electric systems and appliances and explore the reasons as well.

With data collected by scientists during their operation of the intelligent distribution room by the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau, they can rank the risks and finally ensure safe low-voltage power distribution.

According to Mr. Li, “in spite of the pandemic, senior managers of the Futian Power Supply Bureau have prudently planned and constructed the laboratory over a full year period before coming on line. In the next step, with the goal of coordinating the power supply and distribution businesses and emerging businesses, the Futian Power Supply Bureau will continue to explore ways to transform its mode of production, operation and management by integrating new technologies and its business”.

Mr. Li added that, “that they will build the lab into an influential research institute in low-voltage power distribution by conducting subject research, R & D of independent products, testing and controlling the quality of equipment and formulating technical standards”.

Without question, the laboratory services have been included in “the World’s Leading Distribution Grid Construction 6+1+1 Project” of Futian Power Supply Bureau, Shenzhen.

In the future, the Futian Power Supply Bureau will continue to cooperate closely with PolyU and experts from throughout China to build the laboratory into an important working model which integrates production, education and research and a world-leading base of research and application on low-voltage power distribution to better solve the digital transformation of China Southern Power Grid and the continued development of the Greater Bay Area.

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