CSG Actively Supports Earth Hour

from:China Southern Power Griddate:2015-03-28

28, March marks WWF Earth Hour Day. CSG actively responded to the initiative and planned a wide spectrum of environment protection and energy conservation campaigns. CSG advocated the general public, governments, companies, and communities to switch off unnecessary lights and other electric appliances for one hour (between 20:30-21:30 hours) to support the Earth Hour.

CSG Official Weibo and Wechat accounts ( CSG 50Hz)initiated a campaign with the theme of “Maker-CSG Color”. The two accounts collected innovative environment –friendly ideas from the public to respond to the Earth Hour and advocated incorporation of environmental spirit in daily life. CSG campaign received an overwhelming attention and won the support of SASAC. CSG is proud to be the only company recognized and retweeted by State-owned Asset Supervision & Administration Commission( SASAC).

In Guangdong Province, CSG held an exhibition with the theme of “ Under the Sky, Paint Crystal Blue”. CSG luminous mural attracted citizens, internet users and media coverage. In Guangzhou , CSG assisted the local governments to switch off lights of “Light Project” for one hour. In total, 3696 buildings, 12 bridges with a total load of 6400KW were switched off. In Shenzhen , CSG organized an on-line lucky draw campaign with the theme of “ Collect energy to save the world” . The campaign encouraged users to subscribe electronic copies of power bills and successfully attracted participation of 73,000 people. In Guangxi, CSG organized a giveaway campaign in residential areas. Volunteers helped to distribute free energy-saving lamp and invite residents to participate in Earth Hour. In Yunnan, CSG held anti-drought campaign for six consecutive years and mobilized staff and clients to participate in Earth Hour. Yunnan suffered from drought for several years. In Guizhou, CSG encouraged a number of hotels to switch off lights for one hour, and Zhucheng Square at the city center switched off street lamps to respond to the initiative.

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