China Southern Power Grid Reports Stable Operations During Two Festivals

from:China Southern Power Griddate:2020-10-09

Guangzhou - During the National Day Golden Week, China Southern Power Grid operated under normal/standard operations providing substantial electrical power to its five South China provinces and regions which were supplied with electricity without load shifting or power limitations.

Between October 1 to 8, the peak load of CSG was 160 GW, down 4.77%; and the power capacity from the West-East Electricity Transmission Project was 6.826 TWh, for a marked increase of 23.4% on a year-on-year basis.

The weather in Southern China was unsettled during the week as Hainan and Guizhou experienced significant rainfall. Since October 3, the temperature in most of Southern China had been lower than that of the same period during Year 2019, declining by 6℃ to 14℃ from north to south.

Under CSG’s request to ensure power supplies throughout the national holidays, all production units maintained their power grids and equipment for normal operation. CSG senior managers and engineers helped to direct their important clients to conduct on-going electricity inspections as well as provided emergency duty tasks throughout the holiday period.

Additionally, power supplies set aside for epidemic prevention and control sites continued unabated as required by the government.

Statistically, China Southern Power Grid senior managers and staff totaled more than 44,800 workers who used over 5,500 vehicles and 18 emergency power generation vehicles … and 19 emergency power generators were daily utilized to ensure the normal power supplies for important clients, places where commercial shops and people gather (including tourist destinations, transportation hubs, large shopping malls and places for holiday events) and well as supporting leading industrial manufacturers.

Experts from the CSG Power Dispatching and Communication Center said that as the holiday ends, the electrical load for the immense power grid would increase. To ensure stable power supplies during this anticipated after-holiday surge, senior managers of the Center arranged for the re-starting of generators which were out of service during that period in each province and district.

Concurrently, CSG senior managers would extrapolate and complete the tasks of the West-East Electricity Transmission Project by boosting clean energy consumption.

Additionally, China Southern Power Grid engineers also ensured the power supply for the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.

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I was recruited by CSG this year and this is my first duty during the National Day Holiday. Upon arriving at work this morning, I went to a local tourist spot for line inspection with my mentor, Liu Honghai. He said that it is on holidays that we should, “pay more attention to the safety of power consumption. We should serve the safe trips and happy holidays of our citizens.” Compared to previous holidays when I traveled or stayed at home, this was very much a meaningful National Day Holiday for me.

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We are the electricity service team from Banqiao Power Supply Office, Zunyi Suburb Power Supply Bureau of Guizhou, CSG. Banqiao Power Supply Office is located at the Loushanguan Resort. Our daily work during the holiday included: line inspection, defect elimination for equipment and power supplies in places like tourist spots, revolutionary towns, shopping centers and resorts. Holidays to us are days when “people are enjoying reunion while we are at line inspection; people are admiring the moon while we are guarding the lights”. Our work is far from ordinary but this quotation shows exactly the life of every worker at the front line of power supply.

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On October 1, the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, the honorable and hardworking engineers of the Duyun Power Supply Bureau of Guizhou, CSG staff still worked to safeguard the operation of the power distribution grid by inspecting power consumption in key areas for large events, gathering, parks and resort destinations.

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For the last 20 years, my every National Day Holiday was spent in ensuring power supply. As a worker in the front line, I am used to the life without weekends and holidays when I stick to my duty to serve my clients. All I have to do is to be a reliable “electricity steward” for clients under my responsibility. In the morning of October 1, I went to inspect the power consumption and asked about people’s difficulties in power use at a factory in a settlement for poverty alleviation in Sizhou, Shatuo Community, Yanhe county.

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