CSG’s Unveils First World-Leading Power Line Inspection Robot

from:China Southern Power Griddate:2020-08-24

CSG’s Unveils First World-Leading Power Line Inspection Robot-1

Live-working inspection robot at an open-type substation

CSG’s Unveils First World-Leading Power Line Inspection Robot-2
Smart inspection robot for high-voltage rooms

Shenzhen - China Southern Power Grid recently reported a breakthrough in the fabrication and use of an power line inspection robot. The Company’s “research on critical technology and operation system for robots designed to inspect and maintain power equipment” has been ranked by China Electricity Council at international advanced levels.
In view of the operation and maintenance of power transmission, transformation and distribution, the Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau developed five types of special robots to help (or even replace) humans in doing repetitive, dangerous work as well as work that is beyond human capability, making many breakthroughs in key technology and picking up several FIRSTs in the power industry.
These are China’s first inspection robots working inside oil-filled electrical transformers despite the technologic monopoly worldwide; the most independent and fully functional smart inspection robot for high-voltage rooms; China’s first live-working inspection robot for high voltage adopting “common working chassis + special safety tools and devices” and the first snakelike inspection robot for cable trenches.
The Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau also initiated and developed smart inspection robots for use in cable tunnels. Each robot can access information posted on its monitors and is equipped with a robotic arm.

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