CEC was awarded “5A National Social Organization” by the Ministry of Civil Affairs

from:China Electricity Councildate:2021-03-08

On March 4, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued an Announcement of National Social Organization Grade Assessment 2019 (No. 505, the Announcement of Ministry of Civil Affairs), in which China Electricity Council was awarded the “5A National Social Organization” of 2019 by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It is a landmark for CEC, an organization dedicating to obtain trust from members, support from government and recognition from society, on its the journey to an association advanced in China and first-class in the world.

Since its establishment, CEC has been holding firmly the principle of “base on power industry, serve power enterprises, link the government and communicate with society” and fully playing a role of bridge and coordinator. Through capacity building, CEC has been a vital force to push the sustainable and healthy development of the power sector.

Currently, government, society and power sector are innovating and reforming their management systems and power energy is facing transformation. Under such scenarios, CEC will be more market orient by further enhance its service capability. 

The Ministry of Civil Affairs started social organization assessment in 2007. Following the standard methods and procedures, the evaluation agencies conducted a comprehensive assessment to social organization based on assessment criteria. And then the assessment result goes to the government for review and approval. Finally the participating organizations are rated by 5 classes, from 1A up to 5A.

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