CEC Launched the Lecture on Compliance Management

from:China Electricity Councildate:2022-04-02

CEC Launched the Lecture on Compliance Management-1

March 18, 2022 /CEC/ - On March 16, 2022, China Electricity Council (CEC) launched a lecture on compliance management at its headquarter, and invited CEC's compliance management consultant and Lawyer Ren Jiahui, the Executive Director of Beijing Gaojie Pengkai Law Firm, to give the lecture. The Lecture took the form of "on-site + online" in parallel. A total of more than 200 delegates from various departments and affiliated organizations of CEC participated in the Lecture.

In the Lecture, Ren Jiahui mainly explained the key content and issues of the compliance management of social organizations from five aspects, including: an overview of corporate compliance, compliance management of the administrative supervision of social organizations, compliance management of civil activities of social organizations, compliance management of risks of the organization and its staff and the work plan for the construction of the CEC’s compliance management system, etc.

"In the context of the country's rule of law, it is imperative for the enterprises and social organizations to operate in accordance with the law, make decisions in accordance with the law, and manage compliance. Compliance management would be not only the passive supervision and compliance activities, but also the active prevention and controlling of the various management risks", Ren Jiahui emphasized.

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